Vladimir petrovic

3D Artist | Doctor of Medicine | Rendering/Animation/Modeling

Hello, I am a doctor of medicine and a professional 3D designer with 7+ years of experience in 3D modelling. 

With my scientific background and 3D skills, I can help you visualize complex medical processes – both in a photo-realistic and a stylized way. 

I am experienced with the entire 3D pipeline – including sculpting, retopology, texturing, creating procedural shaders and materials, rigging, animation and producing application-ready 3D models. I can create highly detailed and accurate anatomical models for 3D printing. 

I have designed several medical educational applications, helping users understand complex neuroanatomical relations and kinetic models. 

Whether you have an exact task that needs realization, or an idea that requires creative input, feel free to contact me and we will come up with an adequate solution.